About The Firm:

Wilkerson & Associates PLLC was formed for the primary purpose of providing exceptional tax consulting and tax return preparation to high wealth individuals, and their related private businesses, trusts, charitable organizations, investment entities, and family members.  Based on combined professional experience of 60 years, the principals believe they are uniquely qualified to provide aggressive and creative tax planning and quality compliance services for clients.

Our philosophy:

• Our practice is primarily devoted to providing creative tax
__practice and quality compliance.
• Aggressive and creative tax planning is our client service model.
• Client’s objectives must be clearly understood to provide
__quality service.
• Timely delivery of services is as important as delivery of
__quality services.
• We serve ethical clients.
• We will maintain alliances with other professionals who we know
__share a similar client service philosophy.
• Clients should feel free to contact us on evenings and weekends.
• We will maintain the highest technical skills.
• We will charge fairly for our services and will appreciate
__timely payment.

4965 US Highway 42, Suite 1000 • Louisville, Kentucky 40222-6372
telephone 502-855-3470 • facsimile 502-855-3471

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